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A Change in Hosting

The blog has been hosted by Bluehost since the beginning, but due to raising prices and me realising that I wasn’t using all their advanced features, it’s now been moved to UnoEuro instead for around one tenth of the price.

For the past week it’s been running smoothly, perhaps even a bit faster from where I sit, with the only issue being that I haven’t been able to get direct access to a full backup of the site along with the databases.

New Blog

For a while I’ve been wanting to start writing a blog again. Off the top of my head I think it’s partly to share my doings and thoughts with family, friends, and anyone interested, and partly to build a journal for myself. Combined with the fact that I’ve realised Facebook isn’t the way to go a blog seemed natural: in my eyes Facebook is dying (as a result of companies and mothers starting to use it) and was perhaps never suitable for blog material anyway. As I also have plans for using my Internet domain to present my photos it seemed suitable to have the personal stuff in the form of a blog.

For now posts will mainly fall in three categories: photography, music, travel, and university. The first three are outlets about the fun I have in life, including places I visit, photos I take, exhibitions and concerts I go to, and albums I come across. The last one contains the serious updates on how the PhD is coming along :). Perhaps a bit contrary to my previous blog I will try to make posts more personal and less about the facts.

Finally a few name droppings for those interested in the technical details. It was an easy choice to use WordPress as the blogging software. Photo storage was another thing, most notable because I wanted a solution where I could control as much as possible directly from Adobe Lightroom, including uploading and updating photos. I decided to go with Flickr since it seems flexible, cheap, is extendable via the Flickr API, and integrates well with Lightroom. Having decided on these systems Bluehost seemed to provide the best hosting service for the price. Finally, I’m using Slickr Flickr to pull the photos from Flickr down to the blog, and using Lightbox Plus to display in an interactive way.