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Klassisk Fisk, Aarhus

In occasion of my girlfriends birthday today we went for dinner at Klassisk Fisk in Nørregade. It’s a newly opened fish restaurant (with a few non-fish dishes) with an enjoyable decoration of white tiles leading the thoughts in the direction of a fishmonger.

We shared Le Plateau de Fruit de Mer (Grande), which in retrospect was an interesting first-time experience for me. My girlfriend grew up eating this and worked the “instruments” as a carpenter swings his hammer. There was no stopping her and I quickly just sat back and watched my plate fill up faster than I could empty it. I must also admit though that I prefer the bigger fish – the shell fish reminded me too much of bugs.

In this perspective, her verdict on the food carries more weight than mine. She liked the freshness of the food and in general happy about the taste. The mussels had apparently cooked a bit too long but nothing critically. She insisted that she could have eaten the plate by herself, and while I also think it could have been a bit bigger, it was fine for two persons; especially if it comes after a starter.

As for the price, it was a bit expensive (350 DKK for the plateau) but not more than we would come back. A glass of the cheapest white wine was 65 DKK but turned out to be very small (and only OK).

Notes for the future: recommended; food very good, a bit expensive, service a bit slow, good selection of wine. Prefer bigger fish instead of shellfish.

Sct. Oluf, Aarhus

A month ago when we searched for a restaurant to bring the family,  we came across Sct. Oluf in Mejlgade but couldn’t get a table that night (instead we ended up at Restaurant Latin which was great). Yesterday however, we again had the pleasure of visit from the family and decided to make a reservation at Sct. Oluf. This seems to always be necessary there by the way.

When we entered the restaurant it was mostly empty, and was hence a bit confused when the waiter apparently pointed us in the direction of the kitchen. As it turned out, we had to cross the kitchen – getting a smile and a “welcome” from two of the chefs on the way – in order to get to the second dining room. It seemed sanitary enough, and interesting to see the backside of the stage where the magic has yet to appear; in particular, a chef was preparing dessert plates (which looked great when later served to us at the dining table) on an old kitchen table in the dark room filled with big cans and containers.

Our dining room was kept in an old living room style (perhaps out of laziness?) but created a very persuading homely atmosphere. We all ordered a potato soup starter, I ordered the beef for the main dish, and went back home for dessert (cake from my mother; how could the restaurant compete?). We had a bottle of red wine to go along.

The food was simple but good. It was a solid meal not unlike those a mother prepares for when her son makes his monthly visit. For the price (I believe it was 129 DKK for two courses) it was very good value. The waiters were kind, and diverse; a few times it gave me the impression that it’s a place run more by passion and fun than by profit.

Notes for the future: highly recommended; food solid, good price, ok selection of wine. Very cosy and friendly. Option of sitting outside in backyard.

Restaurant Latin, Aarhus

Last night we finally tried Restaurant Latin in Klostergade. I’ve been walking passed it a few times thinking it looked interesting but also fancy in the expensive posh kind of way. Searching for a place to take the family out for dinner last night — and again finding it impossible to get a table at Den Rustikke without booking days ahead — I finally stopped to have a proper look at the menu and was happily surprised to learn that the 3 course menu was only 199 DKK.

The menu was as follows

  • starter: choice between moules-frites, fish soup, saumon salé, or carpaccio de veau
  • main dish: choice between poisson du jour, poussin rôti, or culotte d’Agneau
  • dessert: choice between a collection of french cheeses, gateau de topinambour, or crêpe suzette

and given that we were six people dining we managed to try all of them between us. They were all very good, interesting and definitely good value for the money. I had the carpaccio, the poussin, and the gateau — and was particular happy about the duck roasted poussin :). The manager, an original frenchy, recommended an excellent french wine: côte du Ventoux.

Notes for the future: highly recommended; food very good, fair price, service not too slow, good selection of wine. Better than Den Rustikke (but also slightly more expensive) but not clear if they change the menu as often as Den Rustikke appears to do.

PS: I came across Sct. Oluf in the search for a restaurant and it is definitely a place we have to try.

Le Petit Paris, Aarhus

Tonight we went to Le Petit Paris on Banegårdspladsen to cash in the half-price coupon we bought before christmas. The five course menu was fixed (maybe only because we came with the coupon):

  • starter: Karl Johan (boletus edulis) creme soup with roasted lubster
  • second starter: Anderillette (pâté with julienne de légumes)
  • main dish: veal tenderloin with vegetable tarte and thyme creme sauce
  • cheese: platter of 12 french and danish cheeses (smelling grossly and passed on straight on to my girlfriend)
  • dessert: creme brulée with ice creme and fruits

which all in all was not too bad, nor too impressive.

The staff were nice, although slightly confused. We went with beer but the selection was frankly very poor: nothing on tap and only boring imported beer along the lines of Corona.

I’m not sure we’ll ever go back there, even if it seemed that some of the flaws were due to the restaurant just opening. We enjoyed the meal but better quality can be found elsewhere for a lower price, and in a nicer atmosphere. Last but not least, it took more than four hours to get through the menu.

Notes for the future: no pressing need to go back. It wasn’t bad at all, but it can be found better.

Den Rustikke, Aarhus

This week we tried Den Rustikke (or here) in Mejlgade. They had a fixed three course menu (165 DKK) with two or three choices for each course. The food was very good, but unfortunately we can only partially remember the menu:

  • starter: choice between slices of tuna with spices, or salad with small eggs
  • main dish: choice between saumon, or ragou
  • dessert: choice between mazarin tart, or chocolate cake.

This was the second time we tried to go here, and it seems that booking a few days ahead is required.

Notes for the future: Very recommended; food very good, great value for the price, atmosphere could have been better (specify where you want to sit in restaurant?).