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Ph.D. Defense

Successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis today!

The committee (Bogdan WarinschiKristian Gjøsteen, and Anders Møller) was there, the crypto group was there, and close family and friends were there — a big thank you to all of you for showing up and looking entertained!

Per tradition we went out for dinner with the group and the committee afterwards, this time at Den Rustikke with finishing beer at Cockney Pub (since we no longer have a flat in Aarhus we had to catch the last train to my parent’s in Esbjerg).

Super day, couldn’t have dreamt it any better..

Presentation used for my defense — never have a practised a presentation in front of an audience as much as I did this one; but it surely paid off.

Restaurant Latin, Aarhus

Last night we finally tried Restaurant Latin in Klostergade. I’ve been walking passed it a few times thinking it looked interesting but also fancy in the expensive posh kind of way. Searching for a place to take the family out for dinner last night — and again finding it impossible to get a table at Den Rustikke without booking days ahead — I finally stopped to have a proper look at the menu and was happily surprised to learn that the 3 course menu was only 199 DKK.

The menu was as follows

  • starter: choice between moules-frites, fish soup, saumon salé, or carpaccio de veau
  • main dish: choice between poisson du jour, poussin rôti, or culotte d’Agneau
  • dessert: choice between a collection of french cheeses, gateau de topinambour, or crêpe suzette

and given that we were six people dining we managed to try all of them between us. They were all very good, interesting and definitely good value for the money. I had the carpaccio, the poussin, and the gateau — and was particular happy about the duck roasted poussin :). The manager, an original frenchy, recommended an excellent french wine: côte du Ventoux.

Notes for the future: highly recommended; food very good, fair price, service not too slow, good selection of wine. Better than Den Rustikke (but also slightly more expensive) but not clear if they change the menu as often as Den Rustikke appears to do.

PS: I came across Sct. Oluf in the search for a restaurant and it is definitely a place we have to try.

Den Rustikke, Aarhus

This week we tried Den Rustikke (or here) in Mejlgade. They had a fixed three course menu (165 DKK) with two or three choices for each course. The food was very good, but unfortunately we can only partially remember the menu:

  • starter: choice between slices of tuna with spices, or salad with small eggs
  • main dish: choice between saumon, or ragou
  • dessert: choice between mazarin tart, or chocolate cake.

This was the second time we tried to go here, and it seems that booking a few days ahead is required.

Notes for the future: Very recommended; food very good, great value for the price, atmosphere could have been better (specify where you want to sit in restaurant?).