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My First LP + Buzzcocks Tickets

I bought my first LP record, or vinyl, today! For a while now I’ve been talking about getting an LP player and some LPs. There is just something very romantic about the idea of coming home tired from a long day at work, searching for the right LP to fit the mood, pouring yourself a drink, and sitting down for half an hour undisturbed by others and listing first to the needle in the empty groove and then suddenly great music.

Although I’m still without an LP player, my girlfriend gave me an LP as a present at the beginning of this month: Astral Weeks by Van Morrison. Excellent choice, and she even provided a frame so that I can at least look at it on my wall until I can actually play it. Today, by accident, I stopped by the little amazing music shop in Paris, Born Bad. Don’t be fooled by the name. Carrying mostly punk-related albums, they have a pretty good selection of both new and second-hand LPs at a good price (14€), as well as some CDs and t-shirts. I came across a new print of Closer by Joy Divison and thought that this is one of those albums you have to listen to in full length instead of just picking a few tracks, and hence a perfect match for my above mentioned mission. Et voila, my first LP :)

Oh and by the way, they had a flyer at the music store mentioning that the Buzzcocks are playing in Paris later this spring. Tickets secured; they are pretty old by now but I don’t want to miss seeing one of the first punk bands playing. Apparently they have been giving concerts more or less every other year since the late 70’s, keeping a good shape. And although some new albums have been made they supposedly still play the good old songs. How can you not go see some of the old original punkers playing teenage songs such as Ever Fallen in Love or Orgams Addict?