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The Sad Evolution of Apple?

I bought my first Apple product in the summer of 2010, a 13″ MacBook Pro, after years of encouragement from friends. At that point I was already pretty fed up about Windows (XP at the time) so my hesitations were due to the somewhat high price tag of the beast, at least compared to other laptops of the time such as ASUS and Dell, and even IBM. However one day I ended up spending some time in front of one, and magic happened: Windows all of a sudden seemed square and stuck, and only my old IBM ThinkPad could match the solid quality feel the MacBook offered.

A special offer meant I also got an iPod Touch with the laptop: unlike my little Logitech MP3 player (partially bought a few years earlier to rebel against the fact that everyone else was buying Apple) the iPod was ready for advanced applications such as Spotify. Later I’ve been long-time borrowing an old iPhone and have acquired an iPod Mini and an iPad.

I don’t think I have blindly invested in so many Apple: every item has been compared to the competition with a willingness to choose the best product. The Apple products simply won because they by far seemed the best, and whatever small gap they may have had in terms of cutting edge technology was plenty made up for in overall quality feel.

Unfortunately it seems that those days might be over; gone, some speculate, with Steve Jobs. Continue reading