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Film: Jagten

I went with a friend to see Jagten last night at, surprise surprise, Øst for Paradis. For some strange reason they’ve waited this long before releasing it in the cinemas — and besides a more recent memory in which to reflect on how lonely christmas must be without a family, the film itself didn’t give any new glues vivid enough for me to notice. But now it’s here, and while I’m not too surprised that it didn’t win the Palme d’Or at Cannes, it’s still a great movie that comes highly recommend (and Mads Mikkelsen winning Best Actor seems fully justified). Continue reading

Searching for Sugar Man + Sixto Rodriguez

A month ago just before christmas I went with a friend to see Searching for Sugar Man at Øst for Paradis and I’ve been recommending it ever since. It was a bit slow in the beginning and at I was even preparing myself for the worst, however when it took off I was entirely captivated. The humbleness and general character of Sixto Rodriguez was very attractive, and add to that an incredible story and an amazing soundtrack!

Afterwards I’ve bought his two albums, Cold Fact and Coming From Reality, and it’s really a puzzle why he never made it until now — try Crucify Your Mind, Wonder, or Like Janis from the first album for instance. It’s not Dylan, but if you like him then I reckon there’s a good change you’ll like Rodriguez as well.

To make matters even better, it turns out that he’s giving a concert at La Cigale in June! Several in fact. My ticket is booked and definitely looking forward to this one.

Film: Amour

I went with my girlfriend to see Amour (winner of the 2012 Palme d’Or) tonight at our favourite cinema in Aarhus, Øst for Paradis. This is truly one of the pearls in Aarhus.

First off, it’s a great movie. You follow an old couple in the aftermath of the woman having a stroke and progressively getting worse through-out the film. It is very realistic — to the point of being almost a documentary — and in this setting it makes for a powerful story that is perhaps a bit too close. As such it is not necessarily an easy film to watch. It’s worth it, but you do not walk away feeling any less horrified about the idea of getting old.

It also illustrated yet again that going to the cinema is the superior way of watching films: had we seen it at home I would most likely not have stayed till the end, yet at the cinema one becomes captivated and remain focused. It’s the dark room, the big screen, the nice chairs, and the absence of distractions.

Recommended Movies

Let me mention a few movies we’ve watched over the last few months. First a few highly recommended ones:

I really liked The Descendants, especially the story and acting. We watched it in the cinema and were very happy to have done so; it’s not a special-effect movie but worth getting drawn into.

Le Havre took us a bit by surprised, and really amazed by the photography and aesthetics — be sure to watch it on a proper screen.

The Intouchables is easy-going but with a great French sense of humour. We ended up watching it a second time a few days later.

There’s been a few worth-a-watch as well:

Carnage is an easy-going fun comedy as well. It reminded me of 12 Angry Men (highly recommended by the way) in that it all happens in the same room and has a few twists along the way.

We went to watch The Artist at Øst for Paradis, an old cinema around the corner from us. It was a fun reminder of black & white movies, and although I don’t think it’s as amazing as the Oscars say it is, it’s still worth a watch.

Last but not least, In Time is not a really amazing movie, but does play with a funny idea and is worth a watch for that.