During my university years I’ve made the following research papers in the areas of formal security analysis, models for cryptographic protocols, secure multi-party computation, and type systems:

  • Private Data Aggregation on a Budget
    with Valerio Pastro and Mathieu Poumeyrol
    presented at Private Multi-Party Machine Learning 2016 (PMPML’16)
  • Universally Composable Symbolic Analysis for Two-Party Protocols based on Homomorphic Encryption
    with Ivan Damgård
    published at EUROCRYPT 2014 (EC’14)
    technical report, blog post
  • Symbolic Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols — Models, Methods, and Soundness
    Ph.D. thesis, Aarhus University, 2013
    thesis, blog post
  • On Secure Two-Party Integer Division
    with Chao Ning and Tomas Toft
    published at Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2012 (FC’12)
    paper (Springer), technical report
  • Type-Based Automated Verification of Authenticity in Asymmetric Cryptographic Protocols
    with Naoki Kabayashi, Yunde Sun, and Hans Hüttel
    published at International Symposium on Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis 2011 (ATVA’11)
    paper (Springer), blog post
  • Formal Analysis of Privacy for Anonymous Location Based Services
    with Stephanie Delaune and Graham Steel
    published at Theory of Security and Applications 2011 (TOSCA’11)
  • Formal Analysis of Privacy for Vehicular Mix-Zones
    with Stephanie Delaune and Graham Steel
    published at European Symposium on Research in Computer Security 2010 (ESORICS’10)
    presented at Embedded Security in Cars 2010 (ESCAR’10)
    presented at Formal Methods and Cryptography 2010 (CryptoForma’10)
    presented at Workshop on Foundations of Security and Privacy 2010 (FCS-PrivMod’10)
  • Don’t Let The Opponents Grind You Down
    with Hans Hüttel
    presented at Workshop on Foundations of Security and Privacy 2010 (FCS-PrivMod’10)
  • Type Inference for a Correspondence Certifying Type System
    with Hans Hüttel
    presented at Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory 2008 (NWPT’08)
  • Security Made Easy — Proving Security using Type Inference
    M.Sc. thesis, Aalborg University, 2008
    thesis, blog post
  • Resource Bound Analysis for Database Queries
    with James Cheney
    published at Programming Languages and Analysis for Security 2008 (PLAS’08)
  • A Modal Logic for Mobile Resources
    with Claus Thrane, Uffe Sørensen, and Martin Clemmesen
    B.Sc. project, Aalborg University 2008