A Few from Fuji

I know I recently wrote about falling back in love with Kodak Portra, but fortunately there’s no requirement that we stay monogamous when it comes to film. Here’s a few from a Fujifilm Superia 200.

Overall I still think the Portra is the best general-purpose film I’ve come across so far, but this first of all doesn’t mean I can’t play around with other film, nor does it mean that there aren’t situation where others might perform better.

Take the Superia for instance. It could work as a good general-purpose film, see Never Above the Birds for instance, or Old and Rough and Skyscrapers. However, what I like it for the most is its colour rendering of scenes with green and brown, such as In Pair, Rails, and Family Line; it doesn’t give the most vivid colours, but I find them very pleasing.

Pair that with a cheap price and you have a pretty good deal for taking nature photos, for instance while hiking in the forrest.

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