Street Art Walking Tour

Yesterday I joined a street art walking tour led by Richard, the guy behind Paris Play. Although I often notice the Space Invader pieces put up by Invader, it was amazing to see how many other pieces by other artists I’ve just walked by several times without noticing.

We were a group of circa 15 people from The Paris Photography Meetup Group walking a four hour circle in the 11th and 18th arrondissement. Besides the street art, it was also nice to get another view on the neighbourhoods (especially the 18th offered positive surprises in the form of splendid views and cosy cafés) and spend time with the friendly and English-speaking group.

Extraordinarily I brought along the digital camera this time, since 1) it’s better to keep the hipster tendencies to a minimum on a first meeting, and 2) I wanted to be free to re-take photos without worries.

The tour is arranged monthly by Underground Paris and comes highly recommended, in particular for a day with dry, or even warm, weather!

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