August 2013

First Kodak Ektar 100

Next up in my test of analogue colour films is the Kodak Ektar 100. It is supposed to be a general purpose colour film and I’ve ended up shooting both landscape, city-scape, and portrait shots with it — with varying satisfaction.

From the Negatif+ scans the film definitely produces more saturated colours, with the added punch making some scenes look unnatural while in others really capturing the right mood.

I don’t like the way the film renders nature in Family Table, Château de Tilly, and Castle Wall: the greens are too yellow and the contrast with the sky too high. Also, I find the reds in Colourful Houses a bit too much, especially in contrast with the dark green and the light blue sky.

On the other hand, I really like the punch in the two indoor scenes Breakfast in America and The Twins (and Scholastique), in Grandiose with lots of yellow, and in Back Alley Surprise with lots of colours in general.

For the remaining photos (Town Centre in Rouen and Backyard Smoke for instance) the colours are good but I would like to know if they would have rendered much different on the two previous films.

So, in the end I don’t see the Ektar film as becoming my general purpose colour film: in some situations it stands out, yet in others it also really disappoints. This of course doesn’t rule out using it for great results when the scenes are known before hand, but at this point I shoot many different scenes with each film and don’t want to be stuck with a film that can’t be used in specific situations.