July 2013

First AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200

Next up in my little test of available colour films was the AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200. Since the results of the previous candidate — the Fujifilm Superia — were indeed very positive, the shooting of this film went relatively quickly. And fortunately Negatif+ were again quick to have it developed and scanned.

Again I’m pretty happy with the result. However, the colours seem more saturated than with the Superia, giving it a perhaps more vulgar look; for this I might as a first impulse actually prefer the latter.

It also became clear after the previous scanning that to see the real colour tones of the different films I will need to take away some of the automated steps in the scanning process, in particular in the conversion from negative to positive. More on this later.

Doctor Dahl

The official diploma has arrived, and the Faculty of Science and Technology at Aarhus University has thereby allowed me to address myself as Doctor Dahl in future conversations!

That’s definitely it then, no more university for me, no more formal education, no more student identity. Let the existential crisis commence!