August 2012

Tenting In Sweden, Part 1

Sweden was set as the target of our summer vacation this year! It started out with a friend recommending a week long sailing course near Göteborg (more to come on that) and grew to another week by car in the country. More precisely, we started in Malmö and spent a week working our way north-east to Stockholm.

The first photos are from the beautiful country side in Skåne. We of course avoided the motorway as much as possible and even ran across the Swedish Marguritrute a few times – I’m not sure what they actually call it, so sorry, no link. Lacking trees in this part of the country I instead fell in love with their red houses with white frames (how could a Dane not?) and continued to satisfy my fascination with lonely country houses:

Moving further up the country we finally started to come across tree and non-Danish landscape in Småland. It is no secret that I was looking forward to going through the Swedish forests, not least after having noticed that a lot of the houses were made from wood.

We made some of our most beautiful sights around Gränna and lake Vättern, but that’s for part two!