Recommended Movies

Let me mention a few movies we’ve watched over the last few months. First a few highly recommended ones:

I really liked The Descendants, especially the story and acting. We watched it in the cinema and were very happy to have done so; it’s not a special-effect movie but worth getting drawn into.

Le Havre took us a bit by surprised, and really amazed by the photography and aesthetics — be sure to watch it on a proper screen.

The Intouchables is easy-going but with a great French sense of humour. We ended up watching it a second time a few days later.

There’s been a few worth-a-watch as well:

Carnage is an easy-going fun comedy as well. It reminded me of 12 Angry Men (highly recommended by the way) in that it all happens in the same room and has a few twists along the way.

We went to watch The Artist at Øst for Paradis, an old cinema around the corner from us. It was a fun reminder of black & white movies, and although I don’t think it’s as amazing as the Oscars say it is, it’s still worth a watch.

Last but not least, In Time is not a really amazing movie, but does play with a funny idea and is worth a watch for that.

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