Le Petit Paris, Aarhus

Tonight we went to Le Petit Paris on Banegårdspladsen to cash in the half-price coupon we bought before christmas. The five course menu was fixed (maybe only because we came with the coupon):

  • starter: Karl Johan (boletus edulis) creme soup with roasted lubster
  • second starter: Anderillette (pâté with julienne de légumes)
  • main dish: veal tenderloin with vegetable tarte and thyme creme sauce
  • cheese: platter of 12 french and danish cheeses (smelling grossly and passed on straight on to my girlfriend)
  • dessert: creme brulée with ice creme and fruits

which all in all was not too bad, nor too impressive.

The staff were nice, although slightly confused. We went with beer but the selection was frankly very poor: nothing on tap and only boring imported beer along the lines of Corona.

I’m not sure we’ll ever go back there, even if it seemed that some of the flaws were due to the restaurant just opening. We enjoyed the meal but better quality can be found elsewhere for a lower price, and in a nicer atmosphere. Last but not least, it took more than four hours to get through the menu.

Notes for the future: no pressing need to go back. It wasn’t bad at all, but it can be found better.

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