Northside Festival, Day 2: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

I didn’t know these guys until my girlfriend played them during breakfast (another perk of a festival 15 min in walking distance from your flat) but writing this in retrospect they turned out to be the biggest surprise of the festival! It’s the band I’ve been playing the most since and couldn’t even wait for the CDs (so thank you Spotify).

I must really have been sleeping though because they are from Denmark (at least my girlfriend didn’t know this and asked during the concert how their Danish were) and have not exactly been hiding deep in the underground: their first album Fruit has been out long enough to be used in a Heineken beer ad. Searching their YouTube page a bit you also find that they’ve done three tours, two in Europe and one in the US.

The 60s inspired music is catchy, the use of horns refreshing, and the lead singer has a great voice that makes me think of Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. A good start is The Golden Age, Around The Bend, and Bad Fever on their first album Fruit, or Heart Attack on their second album Out Of Frequency.

They play at Train in autumn and I can only recommend it highly.

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